The Truth About You

Some day you might look around the world and think there is nothing special about you. There is nothing you can add or give that hasn’t already been done. That there is nothing that you yourself have to offer.

But that is a lie. Many believe that they do nothing well. They have no passion. No hobby. Nothing that they really feel called to do in life. And I worry about them for this simple single reason. – Without vision people perish. 

That seems a bit dramatic right? But its not. Its so spot on entirely true. Without vision you float and wander through this life. Probably wondering why your even living it. Was it just to slave for someone else just so you can pay bills? I can promise that there is more to you than just what you offer to your employer. There is more to you than what you give and sacrifice for your family. There is you. 

Some where in there is a person with things to do. A person who inspires and dreams. Maybe you decided a long time ago that this is all there is to you. Maybe you gave up on a lot of things you once wanted to be. 

But if each person were to live out and pursue their vision, the world would be such a better place. It wouldn’t be about money. It would be about meaning. So ask yourself, what do I care about? What pulls at my heart strings and how can I help? Where can you make a difference in someone else’s life?

For me, that’s writing. I want to encourage and inspire people with the words I write. That’s what I feel good about. My meaning is my motivation. I started the first paragraph of this post months ago. At the time thats all I had. I was stuck. I had no words to add. It wasn’t ready. It wasn’t time. But for whatever reason, it’s ready for the person who needs it now. I have no idea who that might be, but I do it anyways. 

So please, don’t ever get stuck thinking this life just sucks. And that’s all there is. We ARE meant for so much more. Yeah, we’ve got to pay bills. We’ve got to handle our responsibilities. But don’t forget who you are. Find yourself. And after you find yourself. Go find the ones that have been waiting for you to show up and bring meaning to the things that you were actually meant to do.


2 thoughts on “The Truth About You

  1. I’m thinking that somehow, my daughter and I helped to inspire this poignant message in you after yesterday’s conversation…after being shot down yet again, today, this hits me pretty hard. Thanks for the encouragement!


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