The Good Ones

It’s unfortunate the way we paint people to be in our minds. How we deceive ourselves into thinking they are much more than they are. Essentially we allow folks to slash our tires and then invite them in for afternoon tea. And wonder why we are so distraught when their true colors show up again. 

To see people as they really are we have to mentally strip off all of the merits we’ve unjustly awarded to them. It’s hard to see them as they are. When we so desperately try to hold on to who we need them to be.

It is such a good thing to see all through rose colored glasses. But self love demands more than that. It demands that you meet each person honestly as they are. That you see the good and bad. 

And maybe you still hold love for them. But the toxic, the users, the fake. They cannot stay. They have no place in your life. You will no longer openly be inviting those to your table. 

You will see them as they are, wish them well and be on your way. Free yourself. You deserve folks that will bring honesty, integrity, and love to the table. You’ll want the true ones in your corner. Be done with the rest. 


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