Maybe fear was never meant to be conquered. Just merely an ongoing conquest. Presenting itself as an opportunity for us to grow. Pushing us to that next level in our lives. Beckoning and calling. Taunting and luring us in closer. Asking those brave enough to step where it might lead.

What are you so afraid of? It asks. Criticism, rejection, failure? Change, uncertainty? Stepping outside of yourself and showing who you really are? We only grow through trails and errors. Allow yourself mistakes. It’s ok to fumble a bit through life until you find your way.

Bravery is not the absence of fear. But of feeling it and doing it anyways. Because outside of what you know, is something so completely wonderful. Maybe instead of fearing criticism, rejection, and failure you embrace it. Knowing that it can and will come. And that when it does, your strong enough to handle it. Opinions will not break or make you. Rejection will be ever present, but so will those who love what you do. And failure will only serve to divert you to a new route.

Break down what your afraid of, so it can no longer control you. Be the master of your sail. Your course is your domain. Believe that the dreams placed within your heart were planted there for a reason. A purpose.

Run that race with all the gusto you have. Never grow weary of trying. And if you fail. You try again. And again. Until you reach that destination. And when you get there you encourage someone else. You lift others up. 

Share what you’ve learned. Be an encourager, promotor of all good things in life. I always think about this verse – God has not given us a spirit of fear but of peace, love, and sound mind. Remember that the next time you are afraid to make that move. Remember that as you face your next challenge. Our natural state was never made out of a place of fear. Know who goes before you in all things. That is your power supply. Go forward bravely and do great things!


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