Where Creativity Is Found

I was once asked where my creativity came from and how I got it. Feeling caught off guard. I didn’t know how to respond. I awkwardly stammered and muttered something about my father being a painter. But is that what it was? Did I inheriate some different way of seeing things because of a creative gene that was passed my way? Perhaps. 

But the honest answer, that I know to be true for myself, was that it came when I decided to let myself be as I am. To allow the weirdness and just like what I like. And to let that be my drive to whole heartily do what I love. 

It came when I decided that I didn’t care what anyone thought about me picking up abandoned furniture because I saw beauty in it. It came when I didn’t care if every piece if furniture I owned was repurposed and old. It felt good and warm to me.  It didn’t matter if I had a house full of new boring things. It mattered that it had character and spoke to me. Those things make a house a home. 

It came when I didn’t care about the nay sayers or the ones who said it shouldn’t or couldn’t be done. It came when I believed in the one who created me.  And with that, knowing that I was indeed just as I should be. I found and understood the importance and freedom in taking yourself as you are. Because within you is a special kind of magic that’s all your own. 

It came when I didn’t care who loved or hated my writing. I do it because I love it and words are meant to be shared. Not to be locked away in some tattered old notebook. I use my words to express myself and connect with others. It’s a form of freedom and bravery to allow yourself to be open with the world. 

But also, I now recognize that we humans are much akin to plants.  We will never bloom and grow until we are placed in the right environment with those who love on us and help us grow. Everyones specifications for growth are different. Some need a shady space, others require tons of sunlight and space. And we need those in our lives to provide the right space for us to grow. For me, that nurturing came from my husband. He accepted every strange quirk I had. In fact, he embraced it and helped me to see what I had and love myself as I am. I have someone who helps me reach my full potential. And for that, I am lucky and blessed. 

We all have hidden gems within ourselves.  Talents and creativity that we don’t even know are there. Our job is to discover them. And be brave enough to share them with others. 

So the moral of the story is embrace every part of yourself. Seek what brings you happiness. Do it with all your might. Seek those who feed you. Because you never know who or what might spark your light!


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