Life Into Focus

Nothing brings life into clearer focus than death. It stands to teach us a lesson. To show us how precious life is. That it is a gift no matter the circumstances. No matter how you feel about your life right now, those dying would give their last breath to live it. And to have more time. But time is promised to no one. 

It would be great if everyone had an equal time line. But thats not the truth, and its not reality. We all have numbered days. But will they be long or short? We don’t know. And we don’t get to choose. 

The only thing we get to choose is how we live it. Most of us are livin’like we’re never dyin. We believe we have time to right our wrongs. To do things we’ve always wanted to do. We will call that love one when we have more time. We will go on that trip when work slows down. We will pursue that life long dream when we are more financially secure. We will work out when the pain subsides. We will forgive that person when we’re damn good and ready.

But your damn good and ready is now! In this moment, right now, is all we have. There is no tomorrow or someday. Its now. Or perhaps never. No one wants to end life with regrets and if onlys. 

Make sure that every person you love knows and feels it radiating from you. Take the time to show it. Don’t let your life run you. You run life. Take contol of your time. Prioritize and align it to what really matters to you.

And all that stuff we’s just stuff. People and memories are what matter. How you make others feel matters. Who you are matters. Love matters. That’s what we are here for. The people in your life need you to show up and give the gifts you have. Those are the good qualities that you embodie to impact someone elses life. We all have them. Every single person has something the world and your loved ones need. Use it.

And don’t be afraid of who you truly are. Please never think there is something about yourself that you need to change. (Unless your a serial killer of course  😊) Your quirks are what make you uniquely you. I will be the first one to admit. I am a bit odd and complex. A little bit of Jesus, a little bit rock n roll. I am a deep over thinker. An emotional writer. And a lover of creativity and freedom. I can be an sarcastic butthead from time to time. But deep down my intentions are always good.  And that’s just me in a nutshell. Whatever odd off the wall mix you are..own it. Be the flavor in life!

If you take anything from these words, I hope it will be to live without fear. Live fully and alive. Engage with those you love. Pursue all that you dream of. Squash negativity. And have faith that you are enough. Believe that you have great things to do in this world. No matter how large or small your impact is. It matters. And hug those you love like you may never see them again.

 And may you end this life thinking..that was one hell of a crazy ride..I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!



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