The Beauty Of Katie

In this life I’ve come to realize that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. And each day brings its own set of worries. Much of it beyond our control. Beyond our worries and doubts, each day unfolds as it should. And as it should not be.

Much of what we can’t control brings us pain. But in those moments, I have found beauty beyond the pain. Beyond the terror and the doubt, I saw love. A love that transcends even death. A love that never dies, that is fierce and protects, going on long after one has passed.

And that is the love we have for one another as we mourn the loss of my neice Katie. We came together hoping for the best and left mourning the worst. Hearts broke that day. A mother, father, and sister lost a beautiful important piece of their lives.

 Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters  and Grandparents covered them with an unbreakable bond of love and strength. And that is where our peace can be found, in one another.

Katie was more important than perhaps she realized. She was the glue that held a family together. She was her mommas best friend. A wonderful sister. And daddys little girl.

Katie was a pure innocent soul. She loved everyone. She loved telling you stories about what was happening in her life and of those she loved.

 She really admired her brother in law Nate. And Nate, you should know that you were truly wonderful to her. Always there for her. Defending and protecting her.

 Arika, always remember, a sisters bond can never be broken. The dynamics of sisterhood is hard to define. It’s up and down, but through it all I know that she adored you. And you adored her just the same. 

April, you were Katies rock. You carried her through many years of hardship. You were and are an amazing mom. Never forget that. Katie thrived for so many years because of your love, patience and never ending love. And I know she appreciated every sacrifice you made for your family. You two were as thick as thieves and I know your going to miss her terribly. 

Katie was always unapologetically herself. It was a quality she possessed that I always found quite admirable.  She was never too concerned about what others thought of her because she was more concerned with those she loved. 

Katie had alot of every day struggles that most of us just can’t comprehend. We can’t know what that must of been like. How hard it was for her each and every day. But we can rejoice that her struggles are no more. That she is in heaven and we will someday see her again.

I know that she knows how much we all truly cared and loved her. She knows how our hearts hurt and miss her. Many tragedies have befallen our family. But we rise stronger and closer each time. We will get through this is what bonds this family together. And love is what will pull us through.

I love you all  and I am so very proud and blessed to have the family that I have. 

Katie, the void we feel losing you can never be filled or replaced. But I promise to keep a close eye on your momma and sister and will make sure that they are always ok. Just as you had.

Until next time close to our hearts is where you will stay… 

Rest In Peace Beautiful Katie Martin.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Katie

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Katie and amazing words of her family. She has a wonderful family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I have been praying for all of you, Arika. And, Aunt Becky’s words were really wonderful. God bless All of you with His strength and peace. ~ ‘Aunt’ Helen


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