I got a phone call last night. One that I figured was coming. My lovely grandmother, Ruby Gordon, at the tender age of 95 passed away. I had been there the week before and was able to say my goodbyes, but it still left me incredibly sad. I longed to be there with my family. To hug them and wipe away tears. 
I know that I was very lucky to arrive when I did. She had a stroke. I sat next to her on the bed. She was so incredibly tiny, like a child tucked away for a nap. Hardly filling a 3rd of the bed. I peered into the beautiful blue eyes that I had known my whole life, and brought up every fond memory that crossed my mind..and she smiled. 

My two cousins, my sister and I, we all loved staying at her house. There would be small cups filled with peanuts and M&Ms. Which we would devour while she watched her show, The Murder She Wrote. We would play barbies and make believe in Uncle Butches room. And later, she would play Mickey Mouse on her old school record and watch us sing and dance. 

There was a small gas station next to her house to which we were sent to get sour cream and onion chips. Always served with our lunch. She had a speaker in her kitchen that connected to my Uncle Butches shop. I will forever hear and see her press that button..,”Butch..lunch is ready!” If he wasn’t prompt she would send us to gather him.
I loved walking into that work shop. It was filled with old tvs, electronics, and the scent of musty beer. It’s funny how the strangest smells make you feel at home. Although we were never allowed to play there, I was always eager to watch him work. I wanted to see how he would fix it and make it magic.

My uncle had a big truck with huge tires that I loved taking rides in. We would bounce all over. Seriously, the best fun ever. He still has it parked in the driveway. I’m thinking I need to buy it from him to keep the legend alive. 

Grandma had the coolest car ever. A gorgous white Charger. So prestine and clean I was always afraid to touch it, lest I scratch it. Such a contraction to my red bull littered car. To me it was a relic..never to be touched. Only to be admired inches away.

My grandmother Ruby was a beauty. I am not just saying that because I am her granddaughter. The photos of her younger years would quit literally take my breath away. Always wearing a strong red lip, not a hair out of place, the sharpest dresser you had ever seen. 
She would always have her nails painted. Either maroon or red. I loved watching her paint her nails. I would sit at the table with her and rummage through her colors..although they all pretty much looked to be the same shade. I now have my own obsession with nail polish. I pulled out my own bucket of ridiculous amounts of polish and smiled as I realizing where my own fetish came from.

Christmas was one of my very best memories with her. Dressed in our best we would attend a candle lit ceremony at grandmas little church. It was always beautiful and quite breath taking. I loved singing the hymns in the dark as the soft glow of candle lights enveloped us. Afterwards, we would scarf down popcorn balls and small bags of candy. I remember all of us girls, my sister and cousins lined up on the couch sucking on our candy while eyeing her Christmas tree. It was always decorated perfectly. Still to this day, I have no idea how she made it look so beautiful. Every piece of tinsil placed perfectly with hours of care. I laugh at my tree each year in comparision. My boys place the balls randomly and I never have had the heart to move them. 

My memories of her are so fond. I will keep them. Remember her. Remember all the good times she created for us. 

Ruby are the best! May you be reuntied with grandpa..your one true love. And may you know how deeply loved and missed you truly are. We love you!

One thought on “Ruby

  1. Ah, Becky! This is a wonderful post. It had me smiling and teary – often at the same time. Thank you for sharing your special memories of Grandma Gordon. I didn’t realize how many of your Mom’s facial characteristics were from her Mom. When someone like your Grandma Ruby leaves those kind of memories and love, a part of them lives on. I’m so glad she’s reunited with her ‘one true love’. And, I’ll be keeping you, your Mom, Uncle, sisters, and cousins in my prayers. Love you, sweet Becky. ~ ‘Aunt’ Helen

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