Your invitation to life

You are invited to be a full participate in this life. You no longer need to wait on the sidelines. You can go with the flow or direct your own ship. 
You can let people tell you who you are and who they want you to be. Or you can stick it to the man and follow your own path. 

You can let discouragement slow you down. Beat you down. Or you can move forward dispite of fear. 

You can believe everyone is out to get you. Or you can see that they, just as you, are on their own journey. And you can meet them with grace.

You can get bitter and angry when someone hurts you. Or you can create boundaries in your own life and step away from that which continually hurts you. You can learn from pain and forgive.
You can stop being stuck with your circumstances and meet each day with joy. You can believe that you have everything you need to overcome any obstacle. 

You can see the world as a hard hurtful place. Or you can believe that you are the light in the mist of it. You can make every day count and bring peace and love into your corner of the world.

You can let disappointments ruin you. Or you can use it as fuel to catapult yourself into your next journey. 

You can throw away your life to drugs and alcohol. Or you can realize that your hurting. And seek out someone that can help you understand and overcome your pain.

You can shake your fists at God when doors close. Or you can believe there is something better for you and be patient and wait.

You can believe there is no God and say he was never there for you. Or you can reach out. Believe. And watch your life change for the better.

You can say ugly things about people behind their backs. Or you can edify and build up.

You can see the worst in every circumstance. Or you can look for the good. And expect the very best outcome.
You can beat someone down for the choices they have made. Or you can help them get through it.

You can see yourself as worthless. Or you can realize that you are wonderfully and fearfully made.

With this invitation to life we have so many choices.  The choices we make shape not only our lives but the lives around us. I choose to accept my invitation with grace, inspiration and humility. What do you choose?

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