Purpose in a choatic life

You know what’s cool? Having a sense of purpose in this crazy chaotic life. And what’s even better? Feeling like you made a difference in someone elses life.
And I say this because as I reflect upon my own life, I can honestly say living for yourself sucks. It sucks emensly. There is no joy or gratification in just pleasing yourself. Because it will never be enough. We can never have enough or be enough. 

Its a spinning wheel of constant self gratification. It might make you feel better for a minute. But when the moment passes. It passes. And your still left feeling empty. So what do we do? You guessed it. Go in search of more. In search of that thing thats going to make you feel good again. And its temporary. And its painful. And it never gives you what you need.

What changed for me? Opening myself to someone elses pain. Put in a place where you spend two to three hours alone with a person will give you time to really get to know them. To know their struggles. To know their pain. And as I find myself listening my heart cracked open. I realized people are hurting. And I can put my worries away for those few hours and really focus on someone else.
And that’s where you find joy and peace. When you find yourself up at night thinking and praying for someone else and not yourself. And then the next time you see them they have a new story. Changes are starting to happen. Old hurts are healing. They feel inspired and challenged. Thats beauty. Thats awesome. Thats not about me. Thats God using me to reach someone else.

And what happened to my worries? They faded away. They resolved themselves. Why? Because I let go. I know that Im taken care of. God cares about the sparrows so how much more does he care for me? He’s got this. I can lay my burdens down and focus on some else. 

So the next time your world is troubled. Look around. Pay attention. Be available and present to the people in your life. You may be their only source of hope. You might have the exact words they desperately need to hear. But you can’t reach them if it’s all about you. Your going to miss that mark, that opportunity to turn someones life around.
And thats why we are here. A shared burden. A shared tear. A hug. Words of encouragement. Be that person. And I promise, your world is going to feel so much better.

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