Its not just about the hair

Have you ever had something come together that was perfectly orchestrated?  Something that was so beyond yourself? Maybe it was something in the back of your mind. Something you’ve thought about for a long time but for the life of you did not know how, when, or where it was to come about?
That is the story of Teal House. How Teal House even came to be is of constant amazement of me. Its a story of Gods faithfulness. And a story of purpose.

It was a random, or maybe not so random, drive by of what I didn’t even know was meant for me. I can’t tell you how many times I drove by and saw that for rent sign. I couldn’t even began to tell you why I was drawn to peer into those windows. But something about that place drew me in more and more with every drive by.

The moment I looked into that building the excitment rose up in me. It was perfect. What appeared to others as a white room and a bathroom was opportunity to me. It was cozy. It was more than enough. And it meet all of the qualifications to be a licensed salon. Doors continued to be opened. The price of the lease was astounding. And suddenly what always seemed impossible was happening.

I was filled with utter gratefulness. To some it wasn’t the right location. But to me I felt deep in my heart that God had opened this door for me. I wouldn’t complain about the location. I would trust that this was the right door opened for me. And that he would bless it.
And so I gave it to God. My prayer was that he would use me. Use my talents however he deemed fit. And that it wouldn’t be just about hair. That every person that sat in my chair would recieve whatever I could give.

I can’t tell you how many amazing conversations I’ve had with the women that have made their way into my chair. How many wonderful friendships that have been made. And I see it. I see what I’ve been called to do.

It’s not just about hair. Its about lives. It’s about hurts. It’s about giving what you can give to help someone and encourage them along the way. 

Its about realizing that you have so much to give if you just open up yourself to it. The journey to Teal House was really about me entrusting God with my life and letting him open the doors. It was about asking the one who made me to use me. 

And thats just it. He is not looking for anyone perfect to use. It’s all of us in any and all situations. We are the vessels. But nothing is ever forced. And its so simple. Ask and you shall recieve. Knock and the door will be opened to you. He is waiting for your willingness. He is pending only on your desire. 

So when you hear him calling..never hesitate to say HERE AM I. What would you have me do? I promise that it will be anything but and an exordinary life. He has great things planned for you. Trust him!

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