So last Sunday our pastor was talking about perseverance through life. Having unwavering faith through not just the good times but even more so through the bad times. 

He talked about how when the tough times hit. Often our first question is, where is GOD? Why is he letting this happen? How can I see any good in this?

I watched first hand how my parents held on to their faith when their son was so sick. I also watched them let him go to be with God. I watched them hurt and cry. But I never once heard them ask God why. 

I watched them rebuild their lives and trust for what was best. And I was in awe. It wasn’t easy. And it wasn’t natural. But the same faith that got them through years of sorrow with their son in sickness was the same faith that comforted them at his passing.
I never understood it until I went through some of my own hard times in life. Times that required faith. Times of me being completely out of control of the outcome. I wanted none of it. But I needed all of it.

Why? It gave me pure gold. Hard times teach you what you need to learn. And if your like me, you learn the hard way. Sometimes it’s our own bad choices that bring us pain. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us. Every situation is different.

But I’m so thankful for those hard times because it really has made me into who I am today. Because I didn’t let it make me bitter, I let it make me better. And I’m using all of it to the best of my ability to reach others who need to know what I now know.

During that sermon he talked about showing up every day, no matter your circumstances with bull dog tenancy. I love that.

 I don’t care how big the mountain is before you. If you show up every day and give your best you WILL reach your destination. And your destination is the utter best that he has for you. 

So if your going through some tough times right now. Stay close to the one who can lead you through it. All you need is the faith of a mustard seed. That very small glimmer of hope. Never give that up.

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