Days Of Spiritual Ease

I love the days of Spiritual ease. What is it? An incredible sense of calm after a storm. Even after drought. Have I lost you?

In life we have storms. Moments and seasons we walk through that just feel rough. They shake us. They test our faith. They test our purpose for being. Or maybe it’s a drought. A feeling of not receiving what we are asking or working for. Feeling as if we are lacking. 

But in these times we are asked to wait. We are asked to believe that the very best is coming to us. We live in an age of wanting what we want when we want it. But peace asks us to be still.  

When I am at peace, I am not wondering panicking or rushing. My spirit feels calm. In stillness we hear what we need to hear. That quite whisper that leads us along our way.
These are all things that I have when I connect to my reason for being. My God. If you have never experienced this, you need to. Maybe right now this all sounds like gibberish to you. And I get that. It’s a personal experience and my description will never do justice to what it feels like on a personal level.

Here is what I do know. This peace is available to us all. The only effort on your part is to ask. Ask and you shall recieve. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Pretty simple. Just ask the guy who created you to be with you. To guide and lead you. 

We all love to have this sense of control in our lives. Sometimes you can do all you can do to help yourself and still find yourself lacking. Lacking peace. Lacking direction. 

So if your wanting more of the good stuff. And less of feeling lost and without a purpose..give God a try. He knows what you need before you even ask. All he is waiting for is for you to reach out..

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