What we choose


Today I choose to believe that I can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthens me. I can overcome every obstacle in my path. I choose to focus on abundance not lack. I choose to not be over run by my thoughts. I choose to believe the promises that God has for me.

How powerful is that? Just making the mental decision to choose how your going to feel today and what your going to focus on can change your day. In fact, it can change your life.

Don’t buy into every thought that crosses your mind. Filter them and keep his promises close! My parents would tell us over and over..his promises are true! I absolutely believe this. He knows what we need before we even ask. Our task is to believe and trust.

Maybe this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but I know that his plans for me are 100 times better than anything I could dream up for myself. So today, I lay my burdens and stress down. It’s not mine and it’s not yours to carry. And so instead, I accept the peace that is mine to have should I choose to focus on the good.

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