Tribute to Johnny


January and February do me in every time. It’s as if the weather only changes to remind me what was lost. I miss my brother.  I miss his smiles his laughter. I miss his shining blue eyes.

And so, to me these months give cold and barren new meaning. I don’t want to remember but I’m even more afraid to forget.

So I won’t.  I won’t forget how lovely he was. I won’t forget all that he taught me. And I will remember all the love and joy he brought to all of our lives.


I will remember that kindness and compassion are the best attributes anyone could ever have. And I will try to pass that along to others.

I will live life with everything I have to give. I won’t waste my time on earth, because it’s precious.

I will love with no conditions or boundaries because we are all human and deserving of forgiveness.

I will be fully and completely myself because we are all unique, special, and deserve to shine.

I hope that if you too have lost a loved one that you can gather all of your fond memories.  Gather all the wisdom. And see that there is still light, and that person is shining through you.


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