The 5 Forms of Inspiration


Inspiration is a fickle girl. I can go days without a clue about what I’m going to write about next. And as fate would have it, the words will start coming at the most inopportune times. While I’m driving. When I’m very close to sleep, sweet sleep!  When I’m knee deep in other work. Or when my kids need me. And on those days, inspiration slips away from me.

There seem to be days when I can churn out post after post.  Other days, not so much. Everyone has their own ebb and flow with inspiration and creativity. But here are my thoughts on what works for me. And why some days I’m chalk full of creativity and others as dry as the creek up the road.

I believe inspiration to be in these five forms.

1) Energy and motivation


On the days that I’m feeling like I got ran over by a mac truck, my body and thoughts are focused on how crappy I’m feeling and the long list of things I need to try to get done. On these days I’m on autopilot just trying to make it through the day.

When I try to write or be creative when I’m feeling this way, more often than not, I come up empty handed and frustrated. Forcing things to come when your body and mind needs a break leaves you with what’s left. Not with what’s  best.

Take care of yourself. Don’t skimp on sleep. When your body is fueled and ready to go your mind will be too.

2) In the quite moments


When life gets busy and hectic as they often do here in the Caswell household.  I can’t even hear my self think. Let alone have coherent thoughts. It’s chaos around me and my thoughts are choppy. It’s interruption after interruption then I can’t finish anything and bring it all together.

Distractions kill creativity. Use your creativity when your relaxed and things settle down.

3) Personal connection to your work


Writing about what you know or love brings it life. For me, writing is on a emotional level. I write about what moves me. I write about what inspires me. And I look to forge a deep personal connection within myself and others.

If I were to try to write about something I have no personal connection to, it would have no life, spark or excitement to it. It would be very dry, dull, boring. And quite frankly, painful for me to write. The enjoyment that comes with doing what I love would vanish. Connection is your direct source to inspiration.

4) Excitement


The things that I’m most drawn to excite me. Excitement will bring a certain level of motivation and charisma to your projects.
And if your internally driven, like I am, this is where you’ll find your motivation to keep going.

Excitement in what you are doing will keep everything fresh, alive, and moving along. Waking up excited to start on your projects is the best feeling in the world. Your excitement will bring you more of what you love.

5) Desire


NO one can do this for you. You have to figure out what you desire most in life. This goes hand in hand with your purpose. Your desire should be to fulfill that purpose.

For me my desire is to use each and every talent I have to its fullest potential. To me that would be living a full fulfilled life. You can keep reaching for that potential by using your inspiration each and everyday.

These are the things that I found to really help me to connect to my own source of creativity. I hope it sparks some for you too!

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