8 Chandeliers and the perfect spaces for them

So if you were to look at my Pinterest board, it would be pretty obvious that I have a slight obsession with chandilers. I can’t help it! What’s not to love? Unless your a dude with a love for all things killed, stuffed, and hung..you can’t deny it’s charm.

Here are my favorite chandilers and the perfect spaces for them. We can dream a little can’t we? Lets!


If ever there was a perfect work environment this is it! Taking an old dresser and painting it a hot red color is such a creative way to spice up the room. Think out of the box. You don’t have to use a desk. A dresser is an awesome solution.

The fireplace, mirror and fresh flowers really makes the room feel so comfortable.  Now can we talk about that chandiler? First, I love that it’s black. There is something so hip and fresh about it. Did I mention that I have two black chandilers at my salon? So awesome!


Such a simple space. But the rustic wood flooring and the brick is the perfect back drop for this stunning chandiler! The pop of pink peony flowers is all that the space needs. The tub I would die to soak in. Lather up!


This is just another piece of awesome. White flooring draws me in every time. Maybe it’s because it would never work for me and my dirt covered boys. But it is gorgous!

The armour is amazing, think of all the storage it has for those thick fuzzy towels. And that chair! Care to sit a spell? Maybe paint your toe  nails? Notice how the black chair and chandiler stand out so beautifully in a sea of white. Sigh.


Can we talk about how I just want to climb in this bed with a book and never come out! The space is so simple and square. But it’s the bedding, piled pillows and mirror that make it feel unique.

The dresser at the foot of the bed is pure genius!  The asymmetrical horse book ends lends cohesiveness. And two forms of lighting gives optimal obeisance. Your eye precieves the space much larger by placing the chandiler at the foot of the bed. Tricky. Very nice!


I love the mix match of chairs here. They are all different styles but blend seamlessly in color. Who wants matchy matchy anyways? Boring! This is a cute easy way to spice it up.

The black flooring always speaks glamour to me. Especially when it sparkles and shines! The white table keeps the space from doom and gloom and really centers the space. And the black chandilers hanging from above..perfection!


Okay, can I just pull a stool up and have a glass of wine? We can share a bottle and soak up this loveliness together.

Distressed farm house tables and chandilers are made for each other. Sort of in the way of leather and girly lace play on each other. The bright white cabinets keep the space light and modern.


Chandilers hanging next to your bed. What could be more romantic? Find a great side table and pile up your most loved books.

Fresh flowers make for any girl haven. I love the distressed wall. It makes the space feel aged in a good way.


Hang one in your reading nook. Make sure you have a nice large chair to cuddle up in. Add some camdles and a large throw, and its the perfect chill out zone.

The open windows will give your chandiler a dazzling appearance. I love all white everything. It always feels fresh and clean to me. If I had no little boys I would go for this look!

So, let’s hear from you! What’s your favorite?

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