What are you most proud of?


What is it that your most proud of in your life? My hope is that you would respond with an adjective not a noun. I hope that it’s an intangible object. I hope it’s something felt not seen. Because the biggest blessings we recieve in life are not possessions. Maybe some of your goals rewarded you with tangible objects, but the journey you took to get there rewarded you with something far more precious.

Could it have been the courage and strength to walk through that fire raging in your life? The purpose to not give up when it looked hopeless? The endless optimism when nothing but negativity surrounded you? Or the faith to believe when no one else could or would? Was it your kindness to that one person in the world that didn’t deserve it? Or the peace that you felt because you finally won the battle of forgiveness? 

In life we all have struggles and battles. But I’m telling you, the things you will be most proud of are akin to the insight and strength you gain as you overcome that hurdle in life that threatened to dismantle you. Those are the things that will never lose its value. They won’t tanish or fade. It becomes you. It becomes your inner strength.


You won’t earn a monetary value on them because they are priceless battle wounds.  But they are not for you to keep solely for yourself. They are gifts to those struggling in similar battles. Your pay back is knowing you gave a helping hand to lift someone else back up.

The most important people in my life are not important to me because of what they have or what they do. I value deeply the beauty within. Loyalty. Strength. Courage.  My ride or dies. That one friend that sticks closer than a brother. The ones you can count on when your down not just when your up.

So, how many amazing qualities have you won in life through your own personal struggles and battles?  Can you raise your hand and say, “I am one tough SOB .. let me lend you a hand. I’ve been through this let me help you.”

All those hard things you’ve gone through are not in vain. They are to light a candle for someone else. Go show the way.


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