Receiving Grace



I love this. I really think that if we could just comprehend the emmense love that he has for us, our entire lives would change.

As I was growing up, I was bombarded with all of the rules set to be a Christian.  It was overwhelming and ultimately pushed me away. I had the deep realization that there was a level of perfection that I could not reach. Nor did I have the will to even try.

I think what pushed me away the most, was the charade everyone seemed to put on. I knew in my heart, these people can’t be this perfect.  But what I was missing was how they really behaved the rest of the week. They responded to life, just like any of us had.

Maybe it was being given a pastors daughter title that upped the game to the perception of perfection.

And that’s what I want to talk about today. The world in which I grew up, and the way the world is today. It is a complete paradox for me. Complete opposites. Complete contradiction.

Today we live in a world of do what feels good. Whatever feels right to you. The world I grew up in was very strict rigid rules. It was black and white. Right and wrong. Much of it I am happy for today. But much of it also hindered me spiritually and stopped me from realizing his great love for me just as I am.


Although we had been taught about Gods grace, the main focus was fire and bridge stone. I wish the focus had been much more on God’s grace and how to deal with personal set backs and failures.  Because we are all going to have them through out life. And leaning in God’s grace and mercy when we slip and fall is so important.

I would say that is how the majority of my faith and relationship with God has played out. And I know I’m not alone in this.

It happens like this. I slip. I fall. I reap the consequences. No one knows that better than I. But then something amazing happens. When I learn my hard earned lessons there is this undeniable unconditional love waiting for me and with me the whole way through.

The moment I realized I’m not called to perfection, I’m called to grace. I was released into a freedom and peace that I can’t even describe to you. I was free to accept the good and bad about me, and know that he does too. I was free to forgive others because I too fell and was recieved many many times by grace.

I started being whole heartedly me. I started working on what I feel he has given to me. I started realizing I’m here to help others. It wasn’t just about poor me anymore.

I understood that I had a lot to offer if I decided to just open up and share. And that I can be relaxed in who I am, because that’s who I was called to be.

Imperfect. Not at all flawless in thoughts actions or deeds. But I try my best. I do what I can with what I have. I’m growing. I’m stretching. I’m learning. And that’s all he asks of me. To let him catch me with grace.


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