13 Awesome headboard ideas

This is not my typical blog post. But decorating, refurbishing and restoring furniture is one of my first loves so I think it deserves a post! These are 13 of my favorite headboards found on Pinterest. Along with the links to find them. I’ve included my take on how I would do these. Enjoy!



Source: frenchbydesign.blogspot.com
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I love rustic paired with glam. And I love love love chandilers!  My husband would disagree with me but chandilers just bring grandness to any space. You could use a lot of different things for this project. A couple old doors would probably fit the bill just fine. Sand the lacquer down and do a white distressed look. I think it would look fabulous with teal!



Source: Architectureartdesign.com
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So cool. All that’s needed is a pair of old doors. There is a couple ways to achieve this look. Sand them down to rid any remaining stain. Choose a dark stain. I like to use cloth and apply stain sparingly.  Then go back with white paint to accent the crevices. You can also go over the doors randomly with the white paint to give it a more distressed look.



Source: Homedit.com
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Got any old panel boards laying around? We had a ton left over from our fence that would have worked perfectly for this project! And the rougher shape the better! I would just rough them up a bit with a medium grid sand paper and give them a once over. Then rub your white paint on sparingly.  Or use the dry brush technique. Just barley dip in your paint and wipe the excess off on a clean cloth. Then apply in a random distressed order. You could use any color paint to spice it up. But I love the distressed white farm look! The lighting is a bit beyond my expertise. That would be a hubby project!



Source: 99 Pallets
For 40 more recycled DIY pallett ideas

Another panel board project. But this requires no paint. It looks perfect and rugged as is. Vary the length of the boards to give it more depth and personality.  Get them lined up as you like and then screw them onto two boards in the back. One on top and one on the bottom for stability! Grab a thick comfy blankets and layer on the pillows for max comfort.



Source: Homedit.com

This I love. So simple, beautiful and stream lined. Measure the width of your bed and head to the lumber or hardware store. Depending where you go, some stores will cut them to length for you saving you time and steps! I love the dark stain. It gives such a rich feeling! Once you get those bad boys home simply apply the stain. Two or three coats my be needed to obtain the desired darkness. But that’s simple. Just apply your first coat and make sure to let them completely dry before apply the next coat. And if you love shiny things like I do then make sure to put an additional two or three coats of polyurethane on top of the stain! I do this with all of my stain projects. It will protect against any nicks or scratches and give a lovely sheen.



Source: stylemotivation.com
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Say you have a pretty boring white square of a room. This would really liven it up. Measure the boards to the height of the ceiling. Make sure to buy enough boards to cover the width of your bed. And then for the fun part. You could really get creative here. In this case they have bought sconces and randomly screwed them to the board. But you could really use just about anything that catches your fancy. And don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors to really give it a pop! Remember that if you find something you love, but it’s not the right color, you can spray paint anything. I also think using small frames with your favorite pictures would be fabulous too. Get creative with this one!



Source: 1001 Pallets
Serious source of recycled wooden pallet ideas

The headboard says it all. Love. This is such an awesome idea! It looks like they used pallet boards in this one. Grocery stores usually have an overabundance of pallets. Don’t be afraid to go inside and ask if they are getting rid of any. There won’t be any need for sanding. Just choose your paint color and apply. Unless yoyr freehand handwriting is amazing, I would encourage you to use a stencil for this one. But you might be hard pressed to find a stencil large enough. Find a large piece of cardboard, trace your word and cut it out. Then use your stencil as a guideline when painting your word. Good luck!



Source: freehouseinteriordesignideas.com
Apartment bedroom ideas

This I am completely in love with. I can see a great deal of work going into this. Measure the width of your bed and the desired height.  According to those measurements buy a sheet of particle board. Your going to use those same measurements when buying your fabric. Tip: make sure the fabric is on the thicker side and has stretch to it. Buy enough foam and cotton to cover your back board. You will also need spray adhesive and your button nails for tufting. So, once you get this all home your going to lightly spray the adhesive on the back board and cut the foam to size and apply. Putting extra cotton on top makes a bit more thickness for the tufting. Now put your fabric over your foam and cotton and stretch while stapling to the back of the board. You may need someone to help hold as your stretching. Once it’s all stapled down, plan a design on where your buttons are going. Measuring and labeling helps with this process so it’s even. Grab a hammer and pound them into the areas you designated. And you have a beautiful tufted board! You would want to measure the rail road ties according to the length of your particle board. Then securely fasten to the wall. Lots of work but would be so worth it!



Source: Architectureartdesign.com

This is a super cool idea with lots of dimension! I like the idea of bringing the boards all the way to the top and length of the bed. Feels cozier that way. Again measuring the boards to the width of the bed. You would then have to measure the width of each board and the length your covering to get the complete count of boards you would need. I like the plain rustic look but you could really jazz it up with bold colors too! An installed light on the top would look amazing!



Source: Riches to Rags

Ahh. This may be my favorite! Gold always feels glam to me. And the shape and detail of this particular mirror is stunning. If your a fan of vintage shopping this idea is for you. When your out searching really pay close attention to the details and size of the mirror. Don’t worry about finding a complete match! If it’s the wrong color you can change it with paint. Just focus on the bones! Go for large width and height to match your beds dimensions as close as possible. And while your at it snatch yourself some great side tables to renovate to match! But that is another blog post.



Source: Better Homes and Gardens

This I think would be great for a teens room! Or little girls room. Or your room, if you so desire a little sparkle! So, pretty simple. Four thin boards measured to size.  Hammered together. Buy transparent fabric stretch and staple on the underside. You can buy small battery powered lights at Hobby Lobby or use regular clear Christmas lights. But just to be sure to be close to an outlet if your going that route. Use as little or as many lights as you like!



Source: blog..tttreasure.com
Cute DIY ideas

This is great! But will require a bit of artistic talent. If your not, pawn it off on a friend who is. Or pull off an abstract design instead. Pick colors to complement your bedding. Abstract is easy and fun. Plus, there are no rules! Head to Hobby Lobby or your local craft store and buy the canvas that will fit your bed size. If your doing an abstract painting I find that oils are easier to work with than acrylics and give a longer drying time. Giving you time to move and work the colors to your liking. The best thing about this project? You totally own it. It’s your original art work hanging above your head.

Teal Stunner


SOURCE : Studio M
They can make one of these lovely headboards for you!

This is just to die for. Plus, you all know, teal is my favorite color! It’s beautiful, elegant and stunning all at the same time. Sigh!
If your not ready to fork over the funds to have one made for you, then start by first measuring get the length and width for your particle board. Measure for the amount of fabric needed. As a rule of thumb, I always buy yard more than I anticipate needing so that if I blunder I have a bit more. You’ll need foam cut to size to the board. Use spray adhesive for the foam to stick to the board. Staple the fabric and stretch tight. Plan your button placement and get to work hammering! Seems like a lot of work but it’s not and they turn out so lovely!

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