8 Reasons to follow your dreams in 2016


We all have plans, thoughts and dreams. When was the last time you examined yours? Go into this new year with big plans!

I love the new year! With it comes a fresh start and a new blank page. It’s a motivator to implement ideas swimming and festering in your head. It’s an opportunity to start again.

1) Your not getting any younger


Sad but true. I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but the clock is ticking. And it’s stopping for no one.  Don’t wait to do what you have always longed to do. Time is a precious commodity don’t waste it. It’s a mistake to think you will always have time.

Life is given to us to LIVE. It’s not given to fear and doubt. We shouldn’t make a list of some days. Make a list of must do. And take action.

2) Have NO regrets


Think of it this way. When you are knocking on deaths door, how many things are you going to wish you had done? How many wrongs are you going to wish you had made right?

I want no regrets. I want to lay there and think back on all of the wonderful things I had done. I want to reflect on all of the chances I took with pride. And I want to know that all those that I loved felt it.

Live this coming year with NO REGRETS.

2) Compete with yourself


Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Recognize that we all have a unique set of talent and skills. Rejoice with others that are doing well. Jealousy is a theif and only results in a loss of joy. Compete with no one but you.

Focus on your own accomplishments and encourage yourself to do better. Push yourself to do and be more than you were last year. Set your own bench mark and win the prize.

4) Have no limitations


We are only confined by the walls we build ourselves. And it’s completely true. I’m realizing that really we can do anything we commit 100% to. If you stay focused and work hard. And I mean really hard anything can be done.

Stop talking yourself out of the things you could do if only you had more faith in yourself and your abilities. BE brave with yourself, you have NO limitations!

5) Motivate and Inspire


Because when your out there working hard to make your dreams come true your bound to inspire someone else to do the same. Be a light in this world and show it can be done. And it can be done with class. You don’t have to belittle or trample over anyone to be who you are meant to be and get ahead. Encourage encourage encourage everyone you meet.

6) Build self confidence


Every time you step out of your comfort zone you gain a little more skill and a ton more confidence. You really have no idea how much you are capable of. Astound yourself this year.

Focus on the things you think you cannot do and take baby steps to achieve them.  

7) Face every fear


And face it square in the eye. Behind every fear is a new opportunity. A chance for growth. Unless you are running from wolves or about to jump off a building, fear only serves to hold you back. If you fear every unknown you will never move forward. Do one thing that scares you this year. Courage is feeling the fear but doing it anyways. The more steps you take the less fear has an impact.

8) Get real clear about who you are


Getting clear on who you are and what you want in life will set the course for the upcoming year. The less you know about yourself, the less you’ll know what you want out of life.

Find out what you love.  Chase what inspires you. And above all..be true to you!

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