5 ways to beat discouragement


I realized something today that is monumental  for me. A few things actually, that all play a factor in discouragement.

Sometimes in life it may feel like you give and give and give. There will be a time when you might feel like giving up. You might not feel like giving anymore because your not receiving  back. If you continually pour what you have into people, your going to have to learn to fill that cup back up. And if your reaching out to the wrong people in expectation of filling your cup back up, you hit burn out and discouragement. And you start to question your abilities, your worth, and why any of this is worth it.


1) Understand who drains you, and who helps keep your cup full.

Realize that to fill your cup back up. To keep going. To finish that race strong. You’ve got to trust that God will place key people into your life that will help keep you inspired, focused, motivated and help keep your cup full. Don’t stop giving. Just realize who drains you, and who helps keep you strong.


2) Take time to feed your soul.

Keeping your cup full is up to you. Take time to do things that bring your soul back to life. Listen to an inspiring speaker. Seek out those who can help you learn and understand what your soul is yearning for. This requires action on your part. To seek what you feel like your missing. Don’t expect others to fill what’s void in you. Only God can do that.


3) Don’t  put off what you know you should be doing until you feel better.

Keep going. Keep giving. Never let hurt or frustration keep you from moving forward. There will never be a perfect moment in life, but plenty of opportunities along the way. Don’t miss it because you were too busy feeling sorry for yourself and your own circumstances.


4) Discouragements only purpose is to stop you. Don’t let that happen!

Your why has to be much stronger than any obstacle that comes your way. If your not standing firm on why your doing something it will be far easier to be swayed. To be stopped. But remember greater is he that’s in you, than he that’s in the world. If your meant to do something in life, nothing can stop you. Your the only one standing in your way.


5) Live and breath encouragement  

Seek it . Study it. Value it. Because more often than not your going to have to depend on it to get you from point A to point B. And if you have no one to count on for a daily dose. Then learn to be your own cheerleader. Learn to pick yourself back up. Learn that not every thought that crosses your mind is necessarily true, right, or helpful. Live for your next ah ha moment. Look for it. Wait for it. And keep going.

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