7 Reasons you shouldn’t care what anyone thinks about you


I think we are conditioned to believe that we should only share and reveal certain parts of ourselves to a trusted few. I believe this puts us in a very false environment.  So how can we accept ourselves when we are unable to be who we really are around others?

Here are seven valid reasons why you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks about you and go for the gold in whatever you choose in life.

Reason Number 1


Ahh..the disease to please. It will only hurt yourself. You can be the kindest sweetest girl in the world and I guarantee..not all will like you. Some may think they have their reasons. But if you have honestly gone above and beyond to be nice and try to get to know this person and they still dislike you. Chuck it in the bucket. The problem is them not you. And why try to win over a person like that?? Spread your love on the people who genuinely love you for you. Your not meant to click with everyone.

Reason Number 2


No one is perfect. We all have our issues. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Accept them. Learn them. Try your best to conquer them. But let no one use them against you. Truly know yourself and what your capable of. Know the not so great side of yourself. When it’s pointed out its meant to remind us that we are all human. But we can still try to be better than we were yesterday.

Reason Number 3


Most people in your life have good intentions.  They want what’s best you. And they think they know what that is. But no one can tell you who you are or what you ought to be in life. That is for you to figure out and define. Who are you? How do you want to live your life? Don’t live under a pressurized thumb. Stop being a puppet. Be true to you and forge your own path.

Reason Number 4


If you want positive out you’ve got to put positive in. Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Limit your time with those who find your dreams silly or unrealistic. Shy away from those who try to minimize your achievements.  Seek those who fan your flame. And most of all appreciate those who believed in you when you didn’t  believe in yourself.

Reason Number 5


People will talk about you. It’s a fact of life. They will talk and gossip about you. Especially when they know nothing about you. But they will say it none the less. But does it really matter? Nope. What matters is loyalty. Know those who are loyal and stand up for you. They are your tribe.

Reason Number 5


How tough are you? Are you a teetering branch or a strong root? Bad things with not so great people are going to happen in life. Are you going to handle criticism with grace and apply it in the best way possible? Are the bad times going to break you or make you stronger? Hard times build strong character.  You are equipped with everything you need to not only survive but thrive in life. You just have to dig deep and start applying the tools.

Reason Number 6


Really truly it is. Genuine quirky people intrigue me. Because they are real and they are not at all afraid to show it. So your into punk rock crazy hair and your 50? Cool. I applaude you for your bravery. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and be you. Perfect is boring anyways. And ps. refer to rule number 5. They will talk about you whether your who they think you should be or not. So feel free to step out of that box!

Reason Number 7


Are you the sheep that follows or the lion strong and sure? Worrying about what every one thinks about what you say or do leaves little to no room for your own ideas to surface.
In fact you have boxed yourself into a life that will never represent your own.

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