Be Bold


I found this in my daughters sketch book earlier today and my heart leaped. Life can be and do many things to us..but she gets it. You gotta be BOLD. You have to know what you want and what your worth and go after it.

My heart leaps with joy that she is already having that internal dialogue with herself.  She knows coming out of the gate that happiness, joy, and selfworth all stems from the inside.


All too often we rely on others to validate our self worth. We wait for others to affirm that we are good enough to step toward our dreams, or do what we love. When the truth is, you have to believe deep within your own soul that you can and should use the God given abilities and talents that are laying slumber in your soul as you figure out this thing called life. It took me far too long to grasp this concept. And the fact that she gets it at such a young age means she won’t  be afraid to do what she is called to do. And she won’t wait for someone to tell her she should do it. She already has that fire burning. I love it!


The world will try to tame and conform you. Don’t let that happen. Everything that is unique about you sets you apart. Never think for one moment that you need to fall in line with the rest. You are made that way for a reason. You are designed to be one of a kind. The world needs your untamed, umanageable outlook on life. Keep that fire burning!


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