Adjust your focus


It’s easy to look at this world and be discouraged.  It looks hopeless, hateful and undivided. But then I look closer and realize that maybe the problem isn’t the world. Maybe it’s us..each individually.

Social media has made it exceptionally easy to focus on everyone else..everyone else except perhaps ourselves. We know individual’s statuses on politics and religion. We know where they stand on current world issues. But we don’t KNOW them. Yes, they are on our friend list but we only know what they choose to share and show. We don’t really know them in a way that we should. We don’t  know the daily battles they have. We don’t know what they struggle with. And we don’t know them well enough to judge their opinions or faith or lack thereof.

We see statuses and perhaps some enrage us. I guarantee that you would not be aware of a person whom you hadn’t seen or been in contact with in the last ten years, religious or political status. And you wouldn’t have cared if it opposed your own..why? Because you don’t KNOW  them anymore. You wouldn’t  know anything about them. Facebook has created an very unreal friendship pretense. Real friendships grow with time. They grow with face to face connection. And more often than not they are based on similar values, morales and characteristics.


Maybe it’s time to take Facebook at it’s face value. Maybe we should take a look at our contacts and ask, do I really know this person well enough to judge their opinions? Probably more than half would be a no. And if that’s true..if they really get under your skin that much why keep them on your list? Or maybe it’s time to put down the phone or pick up the phone and really connect.

Social media seems to be a double edged sword. It can connect or it can divide.  It can be used to encourage and inspire and keep in touch with the ones you love, or it can be used as a tool to fuel rage, hate, decite and agendas.  You decide.


But before we decide that all is lost, we can each be responsible for ourselves and what we bring to the table. My intent is to bring inspiration and change my tiny corner of the world for the better. I want my life to genuinely  mean something to the ones who know me best and to the ones I rarely see. When I die I want them to say ,”That girl was a go getter, a world changer..she will be missed!”


So what’s your intent in life? What is it that your bringing, sharing, changing? I hope that you feel the drive and passion to do what you do best with all the gust you have. The world needs it..I need it..we are all waiting.


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