Creative Living


I am slowly but surely learning that life in all its glory and bloody disappointments can and is whatever we want it to be.The only thing stopping us from moving forward is ourselves. What lies do you tell yourself each and every day that keep you stuck?

As a creative person I have ideas floating through my brain on a consistent basis. Some of them are pretty great! Some of them not so much. But you know what the difference between the two is? The half assed ideas will only last a day. The real good ideas are the ones that won’t leave you. They take up a permanent residence in your brain. Even if you decide not to pursue it due to the fear factor..guess what. Its still there waiting for you in the morning. When its the first thing you think about upon waking and you have some new details then its a go my friend!

Some ideas are blessings to us to share to the world. You are just the vehicle to get it out there. So do you take the leap of faith or just let it pass? I believe its opportunity calling. Call it it  destination.. its waiting for you to grab it, take it and bring it to life.

Be brave with youself and your life. Your here for a reason. You have good things to share and contribute. The world isn’t the same without the ideas, inspiration and quirkiness only you can provide!


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