And then one day she just quit writing. She stopped being so open and transparent.  The words were bits and pieces of herself splattered on paper. It was this realization that brought her to a halt.

There was a notion that each paragraph had to be riddled with amazement.  It had to be worth while and notable. But she noticed something. Beyond the expectation she set for herself was the keen reaction of others. Some enjoyed it. Some she realized despised her words. To some it was nothing. Some were just curious. And to some even whom she counted closest to her actually stopped reading her words. It wasn’t the words that bothered them it was herself stepping outside of who she had been that prickled them. Being more than who you were irritates those who have no desire to grow themselves.

So she decided. She wouldn’t be stopped. She wouldn’t stifle the words that came to her that released her peace. She wouldn’t pretend to have nothing important to say. She wouldn’t stay safely confined in the box they placed her in. If the words were there she resolved to let them out. Even if that meant scrutiny and criticism.  They could ask who in the hell does she think she is? And she would reply I am who God made me. She would contribute to this world whether they thought she could or not.

She sat in her living room thinking and reflecting. Her eye caught a beautiful hand made book that was given to her as a gift. It was special. Probably the best gift she had ever recieved. It contained all of the words she had ever written. It was made for her by someone who saw the potential and good in her. He saw importance in her words even when she did not. And that’s the beauty of writing and words. You never know who might need them. Who your going to reach.


She knew now that not everyone wil be a fan of her writing. She was ok with that. She would do it because it was one thing she was meant to do. It was one thing that just came..so simple so pure. It was just brimming in her mind waiting to be told.

The moral of the story is this. Appreciate the ones who value what you have and who you are. Appreciate the ones who see that you have a significant talent and that it matters. Ignore and possibly reevaluate your friendships that desire to keep you were you are or down play your achievements.  Anyone who truly loves you will want to see you bloom. And after you weed out your garden and deal with the thorns..seek to accept yourself. Accept your talent. Accept your challenges. And tell the haters..bring on the rain! I am who I am. I do what I do.


She would continue to write. Even if it was bland boring or even just plain horrible she wouldn’t stop writing and sharing. She would resolve to be the crazy one if thats how she was seen. She would be open and honest and let the words come out. The critics, the nonsayers, the doubters..none of that mattered anymore. What mattered is that she was absolutely true to herself.

So I challenge you to face your fear. To be unapologetically yourself. Stop and watch what happens. You’ll quickly see the true faces of others. It gets ugly. But be brave with yourself. She who is brave is free!


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