I was thinking this morning about forgiveness and how powerful the words of Christ are if you take the time to ponder them. I was thinking about how to extend love and forgiveness to someone that seems so unlovable. Its easy to love the person who causes no trouble and never hurts you. But it at times seems impossible to extend the same forgiveness to those who seem to be repeat offenders.

If we can see ourselves for what we really are..imperfect. .natural sinners..and know that nothing we could ever do will seperate us from the love of Christ. Think about this. No matter where you’ve been or what you do his love is unchanging! Wow. I want to be more like that guy. I want to understand the deep mystery of love.  I want to understand all walks of life and still find good in them. I want to look the person who has hurt me deeply in the face and say,” I love you and I forgive you.” And feel it in my soul and mean it. How beautiful is that??

We are all given a choice. You can let your heart be hardened. You can esteem yourself higher than your transgressor..or just choose to love them anyways. When you decide to love completely and freely without conditions. .you will find yourself less hurt. You will find compassion and understanding in the ways of others.


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