To be a mother


To be a mother. It’s picking up the same mess you just cleaned less than an hour ago. Its couch cushions on the floor. Its dirty finger prints on the wall. Its shrieking down the hall. Its bad dreams and nightmares. Coughing and fevers taking the nights toll. Its bruised knees and slivers, Mom’s kiss making it better.

Its the nights laying awake praying for your daughter. Its watching over your teenage crazed daughter. Its the spunk and light and all the beautiful things about her. Its chasing boys away at the midnight hour.

Its giving so much of yourself away to keep them tame. Its losing your sanity to keep them all sane. But one day you’ll see all the beauty that came from giving them me. One day they will impress even me.

Until that day I keep plugging away.. for when they grow up and enter this world of shame They will look back and give back to me. They will impress me with all they have turned out to be. And thats why a mother to them I will forever be. 🙂


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