I love what is said here. He saw what could be a beautiful angel..when everyone else saw a marble slab. And so it became an obsession. .to carve out what he could see. What he envisioned turned out to be a historic art form. I’d be willing to bet that he never saw that coming. He was just a dude following his passion doing what he loved to do. In culivating the skill he had..he formed a master piece. But it was his passion that took him there.

You cannot go through life without passion..for something..anything. Otherwise your just a empty shell. Passion and purpose is what fills us. When you are full, it starts pouring out of you. When it pours out of start filling other people up. Suddenly what you love isn’t just a talent its a gift because your sharing it with others.

Passion is really about knowing and understanding yourself. It’s about trying enough things until that one thing just clicks something inside of you. A fire in your belly. An obsession with what you love to do.

The best way I can explain it is this. I remember nearing the end of High School and feeling dread because honestly I had no idea what I wanted to do. There was no degree that screamed..Yes! This is it! In fact, they all seemed boring and dreadful.

I tried to fit myself in the box that was presented to me..but I didn’t fit. It wasn’t until I realized I’m not made to fit. None of us are. We are unique. There is no one size fits all road map to life and happiness.

What I am trying to get at is this. Passion comes from within. Its about being authentic to yourself. Its about confidence in your God given ability. Because you were born this way and you know no other way to be. It’s about finding out who you are. It’s about sharing it freely. It’s not about your profession that earns you great money. Money is an necessary evil. But true happiness comes from pursing what you love. One step at a time EVERY DAY.

When I first started renovating furniture I thought people would think I’m crazy or weird. I may be both..but I love it. My happiness is out in that garage sanding and painting away. Or scoring thrift stores and garage sales for that PERFECT find. My heart beats out of my chest when I find something really great that I know can be beautiful or purposeful again. I race to that garage while my little guy sleeps to get a few hours of work in. It consumes my life. That is passion. When its all said and done..even if no one wants to buy it..its worth every second I spent on it. Why? Because I poured myself into it. It is in fact, an accurate description of who I really am.

The same goes for my writing. I do not write because I think I’m really great at it. Or because I’m waiting for an applause.  I write because I love to do it.  I write because there are words that need to be spoken and I am a vessel to do it. I am no public fact just the thought of it sends me running. But words written. .it just comes. I do not have to sit and ponder what to write today its just there. If you can find that thing you do almost mindlessly that relaxes you..then your on to something.

Start listening to YOURSELF. When you see something that sparks your interest. Try it! It might just bring you one step closer to that passion and purpose that you were made to share with this world.


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