Who is in your life?


This is so true! Trust the feelings you get around people.  I think sometimes it’s so easy to be sucked into other people’s negativity and drama. Who  you allow to be in your life and what role you allow them to play is HUGE.

Surround  yourself with people who make you feel good..and do good. Its the key to so many things in life. It’s hard to be positive with a debbie downer. Its hard to embrace creativity with those who live inside the box. It’s hard to be kind around those who are bitter. It’s hard to believe in your dream with those who accept status quo.

We all come into this world the same. What sets you apart is the ability to see life differently. If your life isn’t the way you want it to be change it. Take a good look at those who surround you. Birds of the same feather flock together. I believe this 100%.  Find those who accept you for who you are and encourage your endeavors. Find those who have a zest for life and are determined to change the world they live in. Find those who put a little spark in your life and feed your soul. You’ll be better for it.


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