Why our WORDS matter


Words. They are every where. We are bombarded by them daily. They come to us in our thoughts, media, text, and from other people.  Words are powerful.  They can be kind, thoughtful, caring and encouraging.  Or they can be mean, hateful, demeaning. They can lift a person up or tear a person down.

Your words are your message. What kind of message are you sending? Are you encouraging the ones to the ones you love? Or are you tearing them down with expectations and criticism?

I don’t think we realize the power we have to change someones life with our words. The bible says it can bring life or death..its more powerful than a two edged sword.

We carry words with us. Isn’t it strange how we seem to remember the negative comments said to us over the positive? Why is that? Why do people carry around hurtful words that were spoken to them years ago? Why does it still affect them?  Because words become our thoughts..our thoughts shape the way we see the world ourselves and others.

How you respond to someones pain or joy is huge! We can’t know someone is hurting unless we listen. Don’t be afraid to talk to people more deeply about life and experiences. Because its whats underneath that matters. Its what’s underneath that needs attention. You might have just the right words at the right time. You might lift someone out of a dark pit and give hope.

When someone opens up to you..open up to them. Fill them up with what you know. I promise. .if you do this you will see lives start changing. And there is NOTHING more incredible in this world than to see someone be lifted up from your words of encouragement. You have the hope the world is desperately seeking. Share the light that is within you.


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