What I hope my Daughter knows about love


In life we learn. Sometimes the hard way, but we learn none the less. Every parent desires their child to learn from their mistakes. I know I do. But I also know she’s going to go out there and have her heart broken a few times. And if she’s anything like me, these words won’t mean a thing until she’s been there done that. She will want to experience life in her own shoes.

I was told and encourage to find a good “christian” boy. Its my blog so I can be brutally honest right? The truth was..
I found most of those boys horribly boring.  Where was the charisma..where was the fun and zest for life? I found the fact that you couldn’t hold my hand because you were trying to keep yourself pure..just plain weird. And the social skills..were they locked up for the better half of their lives? No I needed someone that wanted to experience life and be free. I was not about to commit myself to someone who would impose the same set of rules on me as my parents. Rebel child? Perhaps.

You can see where this is going don’t you? I was rebeling against the RULES. And so yes, in fact I did find some bad boys. Yes, I did get my heart broken. But what I didn’t understand was LOVE. How to be loved or even HOW I wanted to be loved. I didn’t understand that while I was running away from the rules..I would later be running back to them. I didn’t understand the concept of what my parents were trying to teach it me.

Now I can conceptualize them in my own words. Don’t go for just a Christian man. The truth is thats just a term..a label. Go for the guy thats demonstrates good morals and ethics in his life. Go for the guy that has a good caring heart. Go for the guy who is not afraid to chase after you and prove his love. Go for the guy who wants a family more than anything in life. Go for the guy that tells you about his dream to be an amazing dad some day. Go for the guy who treats his Mom like gold. Because how he treats her WILL be how he treats you. Go for the guy who understands the love that God has for him. Because thats the only way we know how to demonstrate unconditional love. Go for the guy that has the same views in life.

Know YOUR worth and find a guy that loves you as you are. You are so incredibly beautiful.  Never give yourself to a lamo that doesn’t deserve you. Never waste your time on anyone who does not demonstrate trust and loyalty to you..in fact, run as fast as you can. Believe who a person is the FIRST time they show you. You’ll save yourself a whole lotta heart ache.

Never believe a person will change for you. Nor should you ever want to change them. Take your time and try to find out every detail about the person..the small details are HUGE later on. And the biggest part? Find out who YOU are so that you know who fits into your life and who doesn’t.  Realize how important you are in life and never settle for anyone who treats you as any less.

Love is not just a warm and fuzzy feeling. Real love is a commitment to another person. It’s seeing that person down and out and loving them anyways. It’s making one another want to be better every day. It’s putting anothers happiness before your own. It’s HARD work. But its so rewarding if you find the right person. Find that person who wants to see you smile everyday.  Find that person who loves your quirks and supports your dreams. I found mine. I know one day you’ll find yours.


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