Waves of life


I am in love with the ocean and everything about it. There is no sound more peaceful to me than the waves of the ocean. If I had my way I would stay resting on a beach somewhere for the rest of my days. Its a magical place that soothes the soul.

When I lived in California I loved sitting on the beach and watching the surfers battle the waves. You have two choices when a big wave is coming at you. You can paddle harder and and reach the wave before it gets to you.. get in position and ride that beast in, or you go deep and swim under it.

I marveled at the bravery they showed. These surfers LIVED to find the biggest beast they could find to ride back in. They thrived on the adrenaline rush they got from conquering the waves that were coming at them. Most of us prefer to chill safely on the beach. We stay on the beach where the waves can’t reach us..where we are safe.

But what I’m purposing, as it relates to the waves of life, is maybe we aren’t safe just chilling on the beach. Life is inviting us to get out there..chase that next big wave. Get in position so that you CAN conquer that next big wave that is coming at you. Or go DEEPER..do some soul searching. Find out who you are and what you want out of life. Sitting and watching lifes participants succeed at life is no way to live.

If we become more active, diligent and consistent with our lives and what we have to offer..then maybe someday you’ll inspire someone else who is “just chillllin” on the beach to get out there and chase down that next killer wave. 🙂


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