Oh to be young again! But you remember what it was like don’t you?  It was all about play and make believe. It was the thought that you could do or be anything. Everything was a curiosity.  Everything had excitement. Insecurities didn’t exist. EVERYONE was your friend. And we were much better friends back then too. We never judged our playmates we were just happy to have them at our sides. It didn’t matter what their parents did for a didn’t matter what they wore or how they looked. It mattered that we had fun together.

When did we lose that? When did life stop being about happiness.  When did we LOSE the essence of ourselves? When did we become more afraid to try than fail? When did trying something new start causing much more anxiety than excitement? When did status quo even start to mean anything to us?

I grew up with not alot and I am thankful for it every day. Why? Because it taught me at a early age what is truly meaningful in life. We were short on money but always rich in love.  And so you learn..the most important things in life are not THINGS. Its people. Its the ones who care about you and love you for you.

Maybe we need to get back to that. Care more about the people who love you. Care more about being happy. Care more about the childlike dreams you had. And go back to believing anything is possible. Go try something new. Do what you love every day. Feed your soul with good stuff.

I didn’t always know WHAT I wanted to be. But maybe thats not whats important.  Maybe what we need to know is WHO we want to be and hold ourselves to that vision for our lives. I want to be the light. I want to be the positive. I want to be the believer in this crazy doubtful world. I want to be the one to put light in my space every day.

Whats the vision you hold for your life?


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