I think this is such a powerful thought. I remember my Mom saying,”We make plans but the Lord directs our steps.”
I never really knew what that really meant or how I would even know I was in his will. It was like some riddled mystery I could never unravel.

Life has a great way of teaching you what you need to learn doesn’t it? Sometimes you have to flounder around in life and get kicked around a bit before you stop and say,” Ahhh..ok I get it!”

I’ve made many decisions in life. Some good some bad. Some with pretty disastrous results and some pretty great. Want to know what I found the difference in my choices and the end results have been? I can clearly see the choices I made on my own with the less than desired results compared to the ones where I’ve actually stopped and said,”God, this is what I desire but I want what you have planned for me so direct my steps.” Does this mean everything always turns out smelling like roses? No! The difference is the PEACE I feel. When I step out on my own and chase only my desires the peace is gone..I’m suddenly unsure..did I do the right thing or not?

I’m telling you the center of Gods will is where you want to be. Doors will open, ideas will come and your life will change. Suddenly life has a energy about it, you have a purpose a mission. You have grace and freedom you’ve never had before. You’ll say and do things you would never have the courage to do before. And its all because greater is he who lives in you than he that lives in the world.

Whether you believe or not I hope you take some time to think about what it would feel like to have someone bigger and greater than you to take some of that burden off and direct your life so you can be all he planned for you to be. 🙂


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