Loving yourself


Celebrating uniqueness and sharing your talents. Thats how you reach the world and make it a better place.

There is so much freedom in just being yourself and bringing whatever you have to give to the table. I haven’t always been so good about this. I felt like my creativity marked me as some kind of STRANGE human being. I would think, no one else is doing this..I must be some kind of weirdo. But our uniqueness and diversity is what fills this earth with so much interest!

Have the courage to step out and show the world what you can do and what your capable of. I am a firm believer that whatever it is you enjoy..what ever it is you have passion about..thats YOUR calling. It was given to you..its yours! And its a blessing to others.

I have criticized myself,beat myself up much more than anyone else has. My thoughts have hurt me more than anyone elses words. I have believed my talents are worth nothing. All of these things are LIES we tell ourselves that only serves to stop us from progressing into what we can contribute to this world.

Why is it so hard for us to love ourselves? When will we see ourselves the way God sees us? When will we stop wondering what everyone else thinks of us when the real concern is  how do we see ourselves? We are wonderfully and fearfully made. That means..God took the time to make you. You are not just some random conjunction of cells. He KNOWS how many hairs you have on your head. Everything you know yourself to be he gave you.

You can go out boldly into this world and make changes in your life and the life of others. But first you must love the person you are and all that you are becoming. Stop hiding behind your fears..come out and play. .we are all waiting.


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