Comfort Zones


There are different times periods and seasons in our lives. We change and grow. Some of it is due to challenges in life..some of it maybe seem to come out of nowhere.  Some of it may be changes we make in our own lives..some of it may be because you’ve outgrown where you are and you have a calling a purpose that you havent moved towards yet.

We like our comfort zones dont we? Its the place you feel safe..your not rocking any ebbs and flows. And then something in your heart changes. Your not comfortable where your at anymore. Your being encouraged and pushed in a new direction that defies your comfort zone. You want to just stay where your at..snuggle under the covers stay safe..your mind tells you..this moment will pass. But it doesn’t there is a still small voice inside of you that says step out do what Im asking you to do.

Thats where I am. I would say for the majority of my life I have stayed fairly silent about my beliefs.  Hoarding my nuggets of wisdom. I would tell you about it if you asked..but otherwise. .dont bother me and I wont bother you mantra.

But then I looked around at our world..the world OUR kids will be living in and it broke my heart. I have brought them into such a broken society..a scary society..a anti God society. This was not the world in which I was raised. What could I do???

Thats when I realized I had been silent for too long. I wasn’t doing my job. I had gotten so caught up in day to day life that I hadnt stopped and asked the question. ..Here am I..what would you have me do? Thats a loaded question and Im not sure you ever want to ask it unless your prepared to step out of the comfort zone in which you live.

My answer was to share..share the light..share my thoughts..actually step it up. To be honest I’m scared to death of putting myself out there. You set yourself up for criticism at best. But in the end is it worth it? Yes. If you have a talent you can use to share your faith and give someone hope do it.

You can’t stay where you started youve got to move.


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