This morning I woke up to sunlight and was such a welcomed delight due to what seemed a lifetime of dark cold and windy.  I noticed how different I felt seeing and feeling the sunlight.  The sun was reflecting beautifully off the ice and snow.  It was warming my body and stimulating my brain.  It was providing energy and positivity to my soul. It just felt like it would be a good day.

Interesting how light can do that..make you feel so good and warm.  And then I thought, similiarly that’s what we are to be to the world.  You may see someone as dark, cold and maybe a bit icy on the outside.  The world is dark.  Peoples circumstances are dark.  Just like the sun reflecting off the ice we shine so brightly.  Our light can soften a hardened heart. Our light can warm up a cold soul.

After the snow melts often we are left with a slushy muddy mess. When hearts open sometimes there is alot of junk that needs to come out. Sometimes we just need someone to hear us..hear whats hurting us. Let it out and let it dry up..because thats what all that warmth does. Its dries things up and before you know it everything is blooming beautifully again.

Be someones sunlight. Be the listening ear..the heart that cares. The sun that warms the earth and sparkles as it reflects off of that frozen snow.


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